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Standard Ink Series | Standard Coatings & Adhesives

Specialty Products - Inks

Thermoform Inks
UVitec has developed a new flexographic thermoforming UV curable ink system available in four-color process, spot colors, and opaque white.  This product line has been engineered and tested to withstand the rigors of the thermal die stamping process as well as subsequent lamination.  Using a unique, proprietary vehicle system that UVitec has developed, this product resists cracking and de-lamination.  Careful pigment selection ensures maximum elongation without cracking or deforming.  The viscosity of this ink system is low enough to work well on standard anilox and pumping equipment.

Autoclave Inks
These inks are available in offset, rotary letterpress, and flexo versions.  These inks are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the autoclave sterilization process.  The autoclave process introduces heat, water vapor, and high temperature to sterilize packaging.  In addition to withstanding the rigors of the autoclave process, UVitec’s autoclave inks are designed to adhere well to difficult substrates such as Tyvek®, styrene, and others commonly used for medical packaging.

Fluorescent Inks
UVitec manufactures its own fluorescent inks.  Available in all ink systems.

Inks for Pharmaceutical Packaging
UVitec has designed a complete ink system exclusively for pharmaceutical packaging.  This product line has been approved for use in numerous pharmaceutical packaging applications.  Available in all ink systems.

Specialty Products - Coatings, Varnishes, Adhesives, and Primers

Cationic Gloss Coating:  21391-87
This coating offers an alternative to free radical systems, particularly in cases where adhesion is a major consideration.  The cationic curing mechanism ensures through cure by continuing the reaction after the coating exits the UV cure unit.  Excellent scratch resistance and very low shrinkage make this coating the one to pick when encountering difficult situations where most UV curable coatings fail.

Cold Foil Laminating Adhesive:  21303-87
This product is designed to cure through cold foil lamination film.  The lamination occurs after a base substrate and lamination film are passed through a nip point and then cured; a re-wind roller removes the take off foil.  This product will provide a sharp image area suitable for small point type as well as a strong bond for large area applications.  This product is also available with optical brightener for application in which a clear lamination film is applied. 

Low Fingerprint Coating:  20499-87
This product was developed using a formulation that reduces the appearance of fingerprints.  This coating also exhibits excellent hot stamping capability and cures to a high gloss finish.  The versatility of this product makes it well suited for narrow and wide web printing processes.  This product is perfect for jobs requiring good flexibility, scuff and product resistance, and fast cure response.  Its unique performance capabilities make it well suited for a variety of applications ranging from folding cartons, labels, and flexible packaging to any other converting application requiring resistance to fingerprints.

Low Yellowing Coatings and Varnishes
These coatings and varnishes are designed to resist yellowing over time.  These coatings and varnishes are available in gloss, satin, matte, and pharmaceutical versions.

Pharmaceutical Grade Coatings
UVitec offers a complete line of coatings approved for use on pharmaceutical packaging. 

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive:  22259-87
This unique product remains tacky after cure and is ideal to use as a bonding agent between two substrates.

UVitec manufactures primers for a wide variety of end use applications.  From primers designed to adhere to difficult substrates to cationic primers, UVitec has a primer that will fit your needs.

Scanning Coatings and Varnishes
UVitec manufactures a variety of scanning varnishes and coatings for use in security and verification applications.  UVitec can custom engineer a scanning product to your specifications. 

Screen Braille Coatings
These coatings are designed to print a raised Braille character.  These screen coatings are strong enough to withstand repeated touch, yet flexible enough to be applied to a label.  Several viscosity versions are available.

Screen Glitter Coating:  22705-77
This product is designed to provide a colorful glitter effect while allowing for smooth and even printing.  Many glitter coatings can tear screen meshes because of their large particle size.  UVitec uses a glitter particle that is made from a polymer specially engineered for screen printing.  The particle is large enough to provide a consistent glitter effect, but small enough to ensure even flow.

Screen Texture Coating:  22764-77
This product cures to a matte, raised surface with a slight grain effect.  The grain effect can be manipulated by changing screen mesh sizes.

Super Matte Coating:  20705-87
This coating offers a very low gloss finish and comparably good scratch and product resistance.

Writable Coating:  22987-87
This coating cures to a durable, glossy finish enabling the use of a ballpoint pen.