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Standard Coatings and Adhesives

Adhesive Deadener:  7466
This coating cures to a matte finish and acts as an adhesive deadener, effectively neutralizing adhesive on substrate.  It can also be imprinted with inks.

Clear Imprintable Coating:  7467
This coating cures to a clear, high gloss finish.  It is capable of being imprinted, hot foil stamped, laminated, glued, etc.  This coating offers flexibility, good cure speed, and excellent printability.

Crystal Clear High Gloss Coating:  7460
This coating has a complete balance of properties and is used for a variety of applications.  It cures to a smooth, glass-like film that is hard, yet flexible enough to withstand the impact of die cutting without cracking along the edges.  This coating is extremely clear, very high gloss, with good flexibility, fast cure speed, and excellent scratch resistance. 

Flexo Hi Slip Coating:  7435
This coating offers the narrow web printer a new dimension in pressroom versatility.  Designed as a flexo coating, this product has also proved to be an excellent rotary screen coating.  This product is resistant to a variety of chemicals.  The strongest attribute of this product is its high surface slip.

Flexo Matte Coating7465
This coating offers a matte finish while still offering good scratch, rub, and adhesion properties.

Thermal Transfer Imprintable Gloss Coating:  8067
This coating cures to a gloss finish, creating a surface that will accept printing from a thermal transfer print head.  It is designed to accept a wide margin of thermal ribbons from wax, resin, and wax-resin blends.  UVitec recommends using a wax-resin blend for best performance and readability.