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Tag & Label

Tag & label UV curable inks were some of the first ink systems that UVitec developed, and we have taken great pride in being a continued leader in this area.  Tag & label printers often use combination ink systems to manufacture products.  Each UV curable ink system must be completely compatible with the other.  UVitec carefully engineers our screen, flexo, offset, rotary letterpress, and flexo UV curable ink systems accordingly.

Whether it is a prime label, consumer good, or pharmaceutical product, tag & label manufacturers must rely heavily on their ink vendors for quick turnaround of proofs.  Many customers are now demanding spectral quality control printouts of each color match on a specific stock, with a certain Delta E requirement.  Many consumer good labels must pass rigorous rub and scuff tests,product resistant tests, fade tests, and so forth.  UVitec's state of the art lab can accommodate all of these demands with the utmost degree of efficiency and professionalism.