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Folding Carton

UVitec's folding carton inks are specifically tailored for all of the demands of the folding carton printer.  UVitec’s high quality offset inks can be printed in multiple layers and still accept scoring, folding, and die cutting with no cracking or adhesion issues.  UVitec's unique formulations provide the printer with the ideal ink system that will bond well to difficult substrates like Mylar® and other synthetic films as well as board stock.  Low yellowing inks and coatings, and low fingerprint coatings are available as well.

UVitec understands the importance of providing high quality proofs.  To that end, UVitec works closely with the printer to understand his pre-press, press, and finishing capabilities and equipment.  Manufacturing premium folding cartons requires more than just providing lightfast inks.  Often the customer will have specific rub, slip, lightfast, and related performance criteria that will need to be provided to the customer before the job prints.

Customers may require the inks to fit a certain Delta E range.  UVitec can produce customer-specific spectral and ink performance certificates of analysis that not only satisfy the customer, but also reflect well on the printer's endeavor to establish themselves as a quality manufacturer.